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Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda & Greenbelt

December 14 - 17, 2016

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At This Totally Free
Workshop You Will Discover:

  • Secrets the Rich Use to Get Richer You Never Learned in Schools
  • Strategies to Create Cash Flow Outside Your Job
  • Ways to Fund Your Investments Using OPM (Other People's Money)
  • 5 "Unfair Advantages" You Can Use In ANY Economy
  • And Much More!

Workshop Tips:

  • Business or Business Casual Attire Recommended
  • Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes early, the workshop will begin as scheduled.
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  • ...The classes are very practical and give detailed action steps to put things into action."

    "...This education is providing a viable path for me to be able to retire and build financial freedom for the future."

    - Jim B., Highlands Ranch, CO

  • ...The content and knowledge of the instructors far exceeded my expectations."

    * - Lawrence B., Kansas City, MO

  • We have learned so much; it is vital to grow and expand our knowledge. You must consistently keep learning. Never stop."

    * - Peggy Z., Greeley, CO

  • ...Eye opening and life-changing experience."

    * - Stephen S., South Sioux City, NE

  • The knowledge is so valuable..."

    * - Jada M., Miami, FL

  • ...Every instructor has real world experience to show and they tell us what to expect so we can put it into action step-by-step."

    * - Sandy P., Torrance, CA

  • It gives you valuable information and puts you ahead of your competition."

    * - Johanna L., Lakewood, CO

  • ...The benefits of education are priceless. You just can't put a price tag on it."

    * - Ray B., Burns, WY

  • ...It's a game changer!"

    * - Rachelle M., San Marcos, CA

  • ...I would have taken this course much, much, much sooner."

    * - Jonathon B., Colorado Springs, CO

  • If you are ready to learn and take action then investing in this training is worthwhile."

    * - John T., Gardnerville, NV

  • ...Making that leap and taking the first step toward financial freedom was the most liberating."

    * - Amanda C., Olney Springs, CO

  • Invest in yourself; work on things that have the potential to change your future."

    * - Theo S., Torrance, CA

  • ...I've been able to change my life for the good from taking these classes."

    * - Stephen A., Aurora, CO

About Rich Dad® Education Workshops

Rich Dad® Education has been a leading provider of educational training seminars, conferences, and services for over twenty years, based on Robert Kiyosaki's international bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad. The company provides students with comprehensive instruction and mentoring in real estate and financial instruments training in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Rich Dad® Education is one of the many brands of Legacy Education Alliance, Inc., which is publically traded as LEAI.

We empower our students to take control of their financial future by providing reality-based training and time-tested resources designed to help them achieve the level of financial independence they desire. Most people say they want to be rich, but only a select few will ever take ACTION and invest in the financial education necessary to make their dreams a reality. It's your choice. You can be one of the select few who take action.

  • Q:How long will the free training last?

    A:The Rich Dad Education FREE workshops can run up to three hours.

  • Q:What should I bring to the workshop?

    A:Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes, because we are going to give you an enormous amount of money-making information in that time.

  • Q:Can I bring a guest?

    A:Absolutely. In fact, we hope you bring a guest. Building a personal fortune is more fun when you have a friend or family member to share the experience.

  • Q:Will I have to buy anything?

    A:You are not required to purchase anything. As we stress, not only is the workshop free, but when you attend, you will also receive a FREE GIFT. We do offer additional educational products and services at our workshops, but you are never under any obligation to buy.

  • Q:Will there be food at the workshop?

    A:Food will not be provided at the free workshop. As we cover a lot of ground, we will need your undivided attention.

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